Principal's Message


Dear Students,
Education and Health these two components are very important for you as well as for the country.
It is now the right time to reconsider about these two important objectives seriously.
We must think primarily on its objectives.
The main role of Education is to develop your mind to take appropriate decisions in your life at any situation. Apart from classroom subjects, Moral values, Cultural Attitude and Spiritual Knowledge are also the parts of Education for shaping the Valuable Personality.
Health is very important factor to run the life smoothly. If the citizens are healthy the Nation is healthy and if the Nations are healthy the world is healthy.
Physical Exercise, Yoga, Pranayam, Involvement in Sports and Games, Scouts & Guides, NCC and so many other CCA activities are for you only having this objective to enhance and enrich you with physically strong and mentally sound.
All the Educational plans are constructed only for you for nation building. Fortunately KV's have all types of facilities as per the demands of knowledge for the society for all students. The KV's are the reputed institutions in the country and you should feel proud to be a part of KV. There are a lot of opportunities for you to build your life toward the right direction through the available resources and from the learned and experienced teachers. The time is very precious. So utilize your time in your studies as well as the Personality Development. You have a capacity to achieve as per your own desire and as per the need of your parents, teachers and the country. Time management, judicious use of mobile phone, obidient nature towards parents and teachers, reading habit of good books, innovative practice are also some important task of your daily routine.
Board class students should not take any tension rather than focus on only the curriculum framed by NCERT and adequate practice.
With best wishes.

Mr. Satyajeet Mishra